UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Zayac, E. Joseph

School of Medicine
(210) 450-9400

With twenty two years in the Military and nearly twenty three years at UTHSCSA, I have always had the goal of providing the most comprehensive and professional optometric care that I could provide. Uniquely, in the military, I had four military assignments where I worked closely with ophthalmology residency programs. From this experience and having made contacts with key military ophthalmologists, I was fortunate to secure a clinical position with the Ophthalmology Department at UTHSCSA. My first location with UTHSCSA was a solo practice two exam room clinic in the basement of University Hospital; at that time it was not the norm for optometry and ophthalmology to be co-located. Within a couple of years, and with the help of a UT-offered vision insurance plan and word of mouth referrals, I built the practice to the extent that I earned the respect of the Chair of Ophthalmology who asked me to become part of the Ophthalmology Clinic in University Hospital. Currently, I am located in the Ophthalmology Clinic at the MARC and consider myself fortunate to work with outstanding ophthalmologists. I have a large practice where I see outpatients five days a week. The practice accommodates routine eye care, triage eye care and generates hundreds of referrals to the ophthalmologists. Although primarily clinical, I do participate in teaching. The ophthalmology residents rotate through my Clinic where I teach clinical optics, refraction, contact lenses and instrumentation. Each July, at the start of the first year ophthalmology residency program, I provide an introductory two day course to our residents and the military residents. For several years, the School of Nursing has invited me to lecture to the nurse practitioner students and provide clinical training in eye examination, use of the direct ophthalmoscope and the biomicroscope. My special interest is fitting medically indicated contact lenses and refraction. In addition to UT Medicine Ophthalmologists, several local ophthalmologists routinely refer their patients for specialized contact lens fitting and complicated refraction. My experience at UTHSCSA has been very rewarding. I feel very fortunate to be a part of an outstanding Health Science Center, Department of Medicine and Ophthalmology Department.

8/2009 - Present Chief, Optometry Service Medical Arts Research Center, UTHSCSA, San Antonio,TX, San Antonio, TX
9/2004 - Present Assistant Professor/Clinical University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Ophthalmology, San Antonio, TX
1/1995 - Present Director of Optic and Contact Lens Education for the Residency Program Department of Ophthalmology, UTHSCSA,San Antonio, TX, Ophthalmology, San Antonio, TX