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Rogers, PhD, RN, FAAN, Norma Martinez

School of Nursing
Office for Faculty Excellence
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I spent the early years of her life in public housing, I spent my life in service to the community, first as a teacher in the Edgewood Independent School District and a Caseworker for San Antonio?s Catholic Family and Children services, before embarking on a career in nursing education. I served the needs of the San Antonio population as a nurse, a nurse educator, an advocate for the underserved population, and an advocate for health policy changes in regards to healthcare.
I specialized in Psychiatric Nursing and was Director of Nursing at several hospitals. During Desert Storm I was assigned to the William Beaumont Army Medical Center at Fort. Bliss, Texas where she earned Achievement and Commendation Medals.
I have a PhD in ?Cultural Foundations? from the University of Texas at Austin. Isubsequently earned two postdoctoral fellowships at the Indiana University School of Nursing. I am a member of the graduate faculty of the UT Health Science Center?s School of Nursing, where Icurrently serve as a tenured Professor.
I co-founded a non- profit organization, Martinez Street Women?s Center whose primary purpose is to provide support and educational services to women and female adolescents. At the University of Texas Health Science Center, I founded ?Juntos Podemos?, a mentorship program for nursing students and was funded for the past 17 years.
I collaborated with the US Western District Court Probation Office to provide a female specific program for women convicted of a federal felon and under community supervision. She began this program to prevent relapse/recidivism. It was the only female group in the Western District Court.
In November, 2006 I was selected to be a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) which is the highest honor one can achieve in nursing. You have to be nominated by two members of the Academy and then selected by the board of the American Academy of Nursing.
I am the past President of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN). I was a founding Commissioner of the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) which examines how Medicaid physician pay affects access to care by Medicaid patients and those in the Children`s Health Insurance Program, among other issues. I founded the International Association of Latino Nurse Faculty and serve as president. I am now the chair of PTAC for the school of nursing.

7/2009 - Present Professor University of Texas Health San Antonio, School of Nursing, San Antonio, TX