UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Oliveira, Erica R.

Dental School
Comprehensive Dentistry
(210) 567-3441

My expertise is a clinician educator. My primary responsibility is Group Leader to 24 fourth and third year dental students. Group leader responsibilities also include administrative management of a patient care coordinator, a scheduler and a dental assistant, besides direct contact with specialists. I am also responsible for ensuring dental students complete their clinical course competencies. I mentor students and serve as faculty advisor and student research project mentor. My time with direct student contact and patient care is 32 hours per week. I am in student contact with teaching 11 months of the year. I am also a course director of a dental school course and a rotation, both of which provide urgent dental care for patients in San Antonio and adjacent areas. Besides student contact and patient care, I am also interested in the epidemiology and treatment of candida infections, urgent dental care and tooth wear

9/2011 - Present Associate Professor / Clinical and Not Applicable University of Texas Health Science Center, Dental School, Comprehensive Dentistry, San Antonio, TX