UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Piernik-Yoder, Bridgett

School of Health Professions
Occupational Therapy
(210) 567-8889

There is no greater professional privilege than being an educator in the field of occupational therapy. Although the students and I have different roles in the process, we are together for a common purpose: to ensure they become excellent occupational therapists. Therefore, it is my responsibility to bring to them the content in a way they will learn, interpret, and apply it in their clinical careers. In order to support students learning, I feel very strongly that a clear conceptual foundation be articulated for each course and shared with the students. With regard to learning activities, it is important to incorporate a variety of type of learning activities. This not only reinforces learning by engaging the students in different types of activities, but challenges students to learn and apply the content using different approaches. There are several questions I consistently ask myself with regard to student learning when developing courses and preparing learning activities. What should students be learning? What will best support their learning in this area? How will I know they have learned what was intended? What is my role and responsibility in this process? Occupational therapists work with patients and families after injury or illness has impacted their lives. Because we are involved in their care and rehabilitation at a very stressful and often difficult time, it is my dream for students to not only leave their courses with the clinical knowledge and skills they need, but to also be sensitive to the psychosocial issues patients and families may experience. In this way, students have the opportunity to become highly skilled, compassionate practitioners.

9/2014 - Present Associate Professor with Tenure UT Health Science Center, Occupational Therapy, San Antonio, TX
11/2012 - Present Occupational Therapist Touchstone Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, San Antonio, TX