UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Slaga, Thomas J

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
(210) 567-4231

Dr. Thomas Slaga has more than 45 years of experience in studying the mechanisms of carcinogenesis and chemoprevention and directing and establishing research centers. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Associate Director for Basic Research of the NCI designated Cancer Center, Director of the Texas Consortium of Chronic Disease Prevention and Director of the Regional Health Science Center at Edinburg. Dr. Slaga started an active leadership role when he became head of an interactive research program on carcinogenesis and chemoprevention at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Later he became Director of the UTMDACC-SP whose mission was multidisciplinary and interactive research on cancer causation and prevention. Dr. Slaga became Scientific Director at the AMC Cancer Research Center and Deputy Director of the University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Slaga has an important leadership role nationally and internationally in carcinogenesis and cancer prevention having started the
Journal of Molecular Carcinogenesis. He has served on many review committees such as a full member and chair of the Chemical Pathology Study Section, American Cancer Society review groups, Cancer Center review groups and program project review committees. He also served on several NIEHS, EPA and FDA review committees. Dr. Slaga also serves on the Board of Directors for the Aspen Cancer Conference and several scientific advisory committees. He has a very active and funded research program. Continuously funded since 1974, his research program is currently supported by several R01 grants. He has over 300 peer reviewed publications and over 200 invited review articles, book chapters and scientific books on cancer as well as a lay book entitled, "The Detox Revolution" which emphasizes the importance of diet, nutrition and phytonutrients in chronic disease prevention.

9/2015 - Present A. B. Alexander Professorship in Cancer Research The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
9/2009 - Present Director Research Division, ERAHC, Edinburg, TX
1/2008 - Present Chief Scientific Officer Cancer Therapy and Research Center (UTHSCSA), San Antonio, TX
4/2005 - Present Professor University of Texas Health Science Center, Pharmacology, San Antonio, TX