UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Li, Cun

School of Medicine
(210) 567-5078

I have over 30 years of experience as a clinician in China, and a non-clinician basic science research investigator in the United States. I have worked on issues of brain development spanning rats, sheep, non-human primates and humans. By using comparative animal models, I am committed to understanding mechanisms underlying impaired human fetal brain growth and function. Currently my interests are on the effects of maternal under- and over-nutrition, with a focus on exposure to higher than normal levels of glucocorticoids for fetal brain development and metabolism. My current role is primarily directing the research in CPNR immunohistochemistry, and cellular biology for approaches to brain development, with a focus on neuroendocrine development.

9/2004 - Present Assistant Professor UTHSCSA, Ob-Gyn, San Antonio, TX
7/2003 - Present Adjunct Reseach Scientist Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio, TX