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Mungia, Rahma

Dental School
Comprehensive Dentistry
(210) 562-5685

Dr. Rahma Mungia BDS, MSc, DDPHRCS, Assistant Professor, at the University of Texas Health San Antonio (UTHSA), Department of Periodontics, began her full-time career in 2000. Dr. Mungia is a Dental Public Health professional with over 15 years of experience. Her professional strengths are in research and service with special focus on coalition and network building, community engagement (community--‐based participatory research, practice-based research), project management and public health programs using inter-professional collaboration. Dr. Mungia earned her dental degree from KLE Institute India in 2000. She earned her master?s degree from University of London, United Kingdoms in 2002. In 2005, she also completed her residency program in Community Dentistry from UTHSA. Prior to her master?s degree Dr. Mungia practiced general dentistry for 2 years.
Currently Dr. Mungia serves as the Director for South Texas Oral Health Network (STOHN) Community Translation Science Award and the Deputy Director for the Southwest Region of the National Dental Practice Based-Research Network (PBRN). As the Deputy Director of Southwest Region, Dr. Mungia is responsible for overall program management and administrative oversight and strategic management of the regional component in alignment with the national network. Dr. Mungia also oversees local and network-level IRB submissions for all studies. In addition, she also supports the Regional Director directly in study idea generation, concept development, quick poll development, regulatory oversight and communications. As a Director of the local PBRN STOHN, Dr. Mungia is responsible for overseeing the validity of the research methods used for STOHN studies and is also responsible for reviewing the validity of data analysis, and communication (either written or presented) for all STOHN publications and presentations. The STOHN and Southwest Region of the National Dental PRBN have succeeded in engaging 1,300 private dental practitioners in research in five states across United States. In 2010, Dr. Mungia was awarded the Research Excellence Award by the CTSA PBRN Resource center for her research endeavors as the Director of STOHN network.
Dr. Mungia engages in teaching students, residents and academic faculty by active and collaborative learning methods (Technology of Participation Method) which differ from traditional lecture and discussion courses in their ability to promote the development of students? research skills, problem-solving, communication, and group participation skills. Dr. Mungia has a unique ability to work with both academic and community-based groups to maximize their full potential. Driven by creativity, passion and curiosity, Dr. Mungia has established a strong track record of successful programs, developing and sustaining research initiatives.
Dr. Mungia?s talents have been ably demonstrated in her contribution to the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network where she submitted a proposal examining xerostomia and its management strategies built on a strong summation of the learnings derived from her earlier STOHN projects. Together with the relevant literature, she built convincing case for the proposal that was accepted by the Executive Committee of the National Dental PBRN.
Dr. Mungia also serves on the Institutional Review Board-1 as a voting member since 2014. Her role on this committee is to review interdisciplinary full board proposals and ensure that the rights and welfare of research subjects are adequately protected and all activities involving human subjects are in compliance with university policies and federal and state regulations.

4/2011 - Present Deputy Director Southwest Region (National Dental Practice-Based Research Network) and Cross Appointed UTHSA, Peridontics, San Antonio, TX
5/2008 - Present Director South Texas Oral Health Network (Community Engagement CTSA) and Cross Appointed UTHSA, Peridontics, San Antonio, TX
10/2005 - Present Assistant Professor/Research and Non-tenure Track UTHSA, Peridontics, San Antonio, TX