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Berndt, PhD, Andrea E.

School of Nursing
Office for Faculty Excellence
(210) 567-5839

Andrea Berndt, PhD is an associate professor and faculty member at the SON, teaching research and statistics courses in the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs. Dr. Berndt`s statistical expertise includes univariate and multivariate statistical analysis, with extensive training in structural equation modeling and hierarchical linear modeling. Dr. Berndt`s research expertise is in quantitative methodology, measurement theory, instrument development, test validation, and institutional research. Dr. Berndt serves as the School Statistician and collaborates with faculty, students, staff, and community stakeholders on program evaluation and assessment, quality improvement projects, and conduct and interpretation of research studies.
Since 1992, Dr. Berndt has taught a variety of courses in research methods and statistical analysis to students in undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs. Dr. Berndt`s teaching philosophy is rooted in the principles of cognitivism, constructivism, and social learning theory. As an instructor, Dr. Berndt seeks to promote thinking through writing, to motivate students through independent and group projects, to stimulate and deepen students` interest in subject matter, and to relate subject matter to nursing, healthcare research, and patient care and safety.

9/2016 - Present Associate Professor Graduate Faculty and Statistician UT Health San Antonio, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, San Antonio, TX
9/2016 - Present Associate Professor/Statistician UT Health San Antonio, School of Nursing, San Antonio, TX