UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Morgan, Lola C

School of Medicine
(210) 450-0500

I am presently a mid career epileptologist who has excelled in multiple roles at UTHSCSA for the past eight years. I have an active clinical practice which is in high demand by patients seeking epilepsy care. I practice in multiple locations seeing private patients as part of the UT faculty practice, providing subspecialty epilepsy care as part of outreach clinics along the Rio Grande Valley providing care for uninsured patients with epilepsy. I attend a clinic at the San Antonio State School providing care for patients with catastrophic epilepsies and have effectively reduced the number of seizures on campus from one hundred forty four to seven monthly. I enjoy patient care and believe the depth of my service is reflected in the quality the patients report when surveyed. I have extensive experience in providing comprehensive care for epilepsy patients. My skills include scalp and intracranial monitoring (subdural electrodes and SEEG) as well as extraoperative mapping and electrocorticography. I also am skilled in eeg for all ages and continuous eeg for ICU care.
I am currently the Co-Director of our NAEC Level IV epilepsy center which is the South Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. In my role as medical director of the University Hospital Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and the Neurodiagnostic Center for the past six years, I have overseen expansion to our current fourteen bed unit which has doubled admissions and epilepsy surgeries. I believe the expansion of our clinical activities has directly resulted from the productive and effective working relationship between our hospital administration and my role as medical director.
I am active as a primary investigator for multiple clinical trials which has been a rewarding endeavor to participate in development of epilepsy therapeutics.
Most of all, my passion is epilepsy care. I believe it incorporates the intensive patient doctor relationship which I desired when I first began thinking of medical school as well as the intellectual challenge of neurophysiology.

9/2014 - Present Associate Professor UTHSCSA, Neurology, San Antonio, TX
1/2009 - Present Medical Director, Neurodiagnostic Center and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit University Hospital, San Antonio, TX