UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Stathakis, Sotirios

School of Medicine
Radiation Oncology
(210) 450-5664

I joined CTRC and UTHSCSA in 2006 as a Medical Physicist and adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiation Oncology. My duties are divided beween clinical medical physics services and academic services (teaching and mentoring of students) to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.
The clinical responsibilities at the Radiation Oncology department of CTRC include a broad range of radiation therapy physics services from external beam therapy and brachytherapy to advanced treatment deliveries such as stereotactic radiosurgery procedures. Apart from the routine clinical physics services, I was in charge of the implementation of the RapidArc and SmartArc deliveries as well as their respective QA procedures. CTRC was the first center in San Antonio to treat patients with the RapidArc technology. At present, I am developing new patient specific IMRT QA methodology and I am testing and evaluating state of the art equipment for patient specific QA. One of these methods is the use of Electronic Portal Imaging Devices for IMRT QA.

In addition to the clinical services at CTRC, I am responsible for the medical physics services of the South Texas Veteran Affairs Department of Radiation Oncology at Wilford Hall Medical Center. At WHMC, I supervise a team of 5 people (four therapists and one dosimetrists) and we are responsible for the treatment of approximately 20 patients daily.

CTRC is a high standard radiation oncology facility that meets requirements set by various radiation therapy accrediting agencies (ACR, RPC, etc) in order to provide the highest quality of patient care. Due to the latest advances in technology of radiation delivery and QA, new standards have been set by such national and international agencies in order to meet accreditation requirements. It is one of my goals to work towards improvement of patient safety and quality assurance procedures of the radiation equipment at CTRC in order to meet new standards set.

My educational duties are multifold. I teach, direct and co-direct graduate courses of the Graduate School of Radiological Sciences and I am mentoring PhD and MS students. CTRC has obtained accreditation for the Medical Physics Residency program since 2009 for which I am the associate director and I am training medical physics residents. I also, teach for the Dosimetry Review Course. The three PhD and one MS student graduated under my supervision are working as faculty or junior medical physicists. Currently I am supervising one PhD and one MS students research projects on patient safety and novel radiation therapy delivery techniques. I expect that my educational activities will further increase with the addition of the Doctor of Medical Physics program that will be starting in September 2012. This program is directed towards graduate students who are seeking a clinical medical physicist carrier. We are expecting 2-4 DMP students to enroll in the program each year that will be trained at the CTRC facility.

My research projects were focused mostly on external beam delivery and QA. Over the last 3 years, more than 20 manuscripts have been published to peer-reviewed journals and more than 100 presentations at international conferences have been submitted and presented. The topics of these publications are on new technologies at CTRC, patient specific IMRT QA, radiobiogical modeling and analysis and patient safety. Research topics that I am currently working on include: a) new technology for patient specific IMRT QA, b)new methods for pediatric radiation therapy delivery, c)advanced treatment deliveries (SRS, SBRT) incorporating imaging and/or respiratory gating and d) adaptive radiotherapy.

My goal has always been to continuously improve my clinical skills and become more efficient and experienced radiation therapy physicist in order to be more efficient in the clinic. Furthermore, I am working in assisting my colleagues in improving the overall efficiency of our department by implementing new protocols for medical physics services or by updating older ones. Several clin

9/2013 - Present Associate Director UTHSCSA, Radiation Oncology, San Antonio, TX
9/2013 - Present Associate Professor UTHSCSA, San Antonio, TX
4/2012 - Present Chief Medical Physicist South Texas VHA, Radiation Oncology, San Antonio, TX