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Wall, PhD, MSN, BA, BSN, PCNS-, Cynthia L.

School of Nursing
Office for Faculty Excellence
(210) 567-0869

Dr. Wall has been a pediatric nurse for over 30 years and worked in a variety of pediatric settings including 10 years as a staff development educator. She holds current ANCC board certification as a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist since 1995. Dr. Wall earned her PHD in Education with a Specialty in Nursing Education in 2016. She taught in Pediatric Nursing at the UT Health SA SoN since 2009. During this time, Dr. Wall coordinated Pediatric Theory, Professional Socialization, Professional Concepts, and Family Clinical undergraduate courses. Dr. Wall is Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies (COUS) and formerly of the School of Nursing bylaws and Committee of Faculty and Student Matters.Her research interests are in Nursing Education, Professional Nursing Values, and Interprofessional Learning in nursing students.
Dr. Wall's philosophy of teaching/learning is constantly evolving and based on Adult Learning Principles and Transformative Learning Theory. She views the nursing student as a collaborator in learning. She believes students bring to their education life experiences through which they view their world and can be transformed through their nursing education. Her role as the teacher, facilitator, coach, mentor, and advisor is to create an optimal learning environment for students that engages their passion, stimulates their reflection, and facilitates a desire for life-long learning that supports their nursing practice. She believes that the student who is self-directed in their learning and is a reflective practitioner possesses the essential skills to adapt and change throughout their nursing career.

6/2017 - Present Assistant Professor/Clinical UT Health San Antonio, School of Nursing, San Antonio, TX