UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Jardeleza, Maria S M.D

School of Medicine
(210) 567-8402

Director, Retina service, UTHSCSA Department of Ophthalmology and Medical Director of Ophthalmology at the Texas Diabetes Institute.

I am subspecialty fellowship trained in diagnosing common and rare vitreo-retinal diseases. I possess expertise in the medical treatment of various retinal diseases such as age related macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease. I am also trained in performing a wide range of vitreous and retina surgery such as retinal detachment repair, removal of intraocular foreign bodies and macular surgery.
I provide 24 hour-consult services and perform urgent and emergent vitreo-retinal procedures/surgeries for patients presenting with retinal emergencies (such as retinal detachments, intraocular infections or intraocular foreign bodies) during and after normal business hours and on weekends. This is especially true for unfunded patients presenting to the San Antonio University Hospital Emergency Room after hours and who do not have access to vitreo-retinal care otherwise.
In addition, I am involved in educating Ophthalmology Residents at UTHSCSA in the diagnosis and management of vitreo-retinal surgical pathology.

EPIC Physician Champion - Department of Ophthalmology and UT Medicine EPIC Electronic Medical Records System expert/superuser. Underwent a 3 day training course at the EPIC Headquarters in Madison, WI to become familiar with optimizing and tailoring utilization of EPIC EMR to the Department of Ophthalmology in order to streamline and optimize patient care and communication. I assist our faculty and staff with any EMR customizations or troubleshooting they may require assistance with regarding the EPIC system. I ensure utilization of EPIC in conjunction with our departments meaningful use metrics. I also assist and spearhead the creation and integration of Kaleidoscope (the Ophthalmology specific subset of EPIC) into our current clinic and practice workflow to maximize efficiency and optimize patient service and access to care.

3/2011 - Present Assistant Professor/Clinical University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Ophthalmology, San Antonio, TX