UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Rajani, Rajiv

School of Medicine

As an Assistant Professor in the Orthopaedic Surgery department, I have worked as an Orthopaedic Oncologist for the past 5 years. My apersonal interest is in many issues pertaining to this field but keenly, I am interested in the pathogenesis and understanding of Giant Cell Tumor of bone. During my fellowship year, I found this to be a very interesting disease due to the benign aggressive nature. As a clinician, despite the benign nature of the disease, it clearly can lead to significant morbidity and even mortality. Therefore, I published a paper about GCT of the foot and ankle bones showing that the disease can be more aggressive in these locations. Additionally, I continue to work on GCT research, soon to be publishing a case report on a patient with stable pulmonary nodules treated with Denosumab.

As the primary Orthopaedic Oncologist at UT Health San Antonio, I can provide live tissue to be used for cell lines. This collaboration between basic and clinical science is the standard that which academics should be held.

7/2016 - Present Residency Program Director UTHSCSA, Orthopaedics, San Antonio, TX
11/2011 - Present Assistant Professor UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, Orthopaedics, San Antonio, TX