UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Taverna, Melanie Vee

Dental School

I have been a part of the dental field since 1984. First as office manager, then as a dental hygienist (1999). I began my sojourn in education and research in 2009 when I started in the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Program and with subsequent employment at UT Health San Antonio, Division of Dental Hygiene in 2011.

Since becoming faculty here, my focus, beyond teaching, has been in research about oral health and the geriatric population. My goal is to increase interprofessional collaboration in research to improve the health of our elders. January 2015 I was appointed Director of Dental Hygiene Online Graduate Programs where I strive to continually improve the quality of research produced by our students.

I am an active contributor to the Southwest Region of the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (NDPBRN) with an accepted project about Xerostomia.

In 2016 I became the Asst. Director of The South Texas Oral Health Network (STOHN) a group of South Texas dental practitioners. In 2016 I initiated the inaugural Dental Hygiene STOHN. This sub-PBRN enrolled dental hygienists in private practice and education. These PBRNs focus on practice-based research to disseminate findings from research into practice.

My goals are to continue increasing the presence of dental hygiene in research and strengthen our profession by guiding our graduate students toward their goal as educators.

8/2016 - Present Asst. Director of STOHN (South Texas Oral Health Network) UT Health Science Center
8/2015 - Present Adviser to NDPBRN UT Health Science Center, Dental Hygiene
2/2015 - Present Director of Online Dental Hygiene Graduate Programs UT Health Science Center at San Antonio., San Antonio, TX
9/2012 - Present Assistant Professor/Clinical and Course Director for Dental Hygiene Graduate Programs, Bachelor Entry, and Bachelor Completion Online Program UT Health Science Center San Antonio, Periodontics, San Antonio, TX