UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Taverna, Melanie Vee

Dental School

I have been a part of the dental field since 1984. First as office manager, then as dental hygienist (1999) and office manager. I returned to UT Health Science Center in 2009 to pursue a graduate degree in dental hygiene. This was completed in 2011 and I was hired in the Dept of Dental Hygiene. My focus is in geriatric oral health. My goal is to increase inter-department collaboration in education and research to improve oral health of our senior population. January 2015 I became the Director Dental Hygiene Online Graduate Programs. I am an active contributor to the Southwest Region of the NDPBRN and Asst. Director of STOHN

8/2016 - Present Asst. Director of STOHN (South Texas Oral Health Network) UT Health Science Center
8/2015 - Present Adviser to NDPBRN UT Health Science Center, Dental Hygiene
2/2015 - Present Assistant Professor/Clinical and Director of Graduate Programs: Dental Hygiene UT Health Science Center San Antonio., Periodontics, San Antonio, TX
2/2015 - Present Director of Online Dental Hygiene Graduate Programs UT Health Science Center at San Antonio., San Antonio, TX
9/2012 - Present Assistant Professor/Clinical UT Health Science Center San Antonio, Periodontics, San Antonio, TX
3/2012 - Present Graduate Faculty UT Health Science Center, Periodontics