UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Garza-Berlanga, Andres E

School of Medicine

As a child, I saw the medical profession as magical. Doctors using substances and knowledge to help the suffering regain their health. In high-school, as part of a biology class, we were being thought about the cardiovascular system physiology. To me, to be able to understand the human body was so rewarding that I decided what I wanted to apply for medical school that day. I told my parents about it. My parents seemd skeptical and recommended me to spend a summer shadowing my uncle, who was a surgeon, so that I could have a better idea of what the profession was like. My uncle got me access as an observer within the resident surgical program at one of the main hospitals of the city. The Surgery Program Director was a friend of him and I was scheduled to shadow residents with the same type of schedule, from 6am to 6-7pm, morning rounds, OR observer time, call in the ER as observer, etc for the summer. As the time came,I enrolled in Medical School looking to become a Surgeon. During the first years of medical school I continued to visit the surgery program on vacation time. Then, as a senior student in a Vascular Surgery rotation, I found about Interventional Radiology. The minimally invasive interventions, using imaging technology and small gadgets. I saw it as the surgery of the future, less aggressive, creative, and with big potential to improve patient care in the future. So, I applied to Radiology. My program facilitated elective rotations, and I was able to contact and got accepted to do 6 month elective rotation in Interventional Radiology in IR fellowship program of RUSH University, in Chicago. During that elective rotation I was offered an IR fellow position by that program for the next year, I immediately accepted it! Now, I consider myself fortunate to be able to work and do what I do.

4/2017 - Present Radiology Medical Director LifeCare Hospital of San Antonio, Radiology, San Antionio, TX
4/2017 - Present Staff Radiologist - Interventional Radiology LifeCare Hospital at San Antionio, Radiology, San Antonio, TX
7/2011 - Present Staff Radiologist - Interventional Radiology University Heath System, Radiology, San Antonio, TX
7/2011 - Present Assistant Professor UTHSCSA, Radiology, San Antonio, TX