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Agoston, Ildiko

School of Medicine
(210) 567-4601

My name is Ildiko Agoston, MD, FACC and I am an Associate Professor of Medicine at UTHSCSA. I have a great passion for Women?s Health and soon after graduating from Cardiology Fellowship and starting my career in academic medicine I established a Women?s Center promoting comprehensive evidence based care for women at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. .After joining UTHSCSA in 2011, I took what I had learned and developed an even better evidence-based women?s program located at the Medical Art and Research Center called the Women?s Comprehensive Health Institute (WCHI). The goal of this center is to coordinate care for women of all ages in order to help promote healthy lifestyles; and provide screening and treatment for our female patients in a convenient, easy access, one stop shop/same day experience. As a cardiologist I provide cardiovascular risk stratification to many women and provide high risk pregnancy expert opinion, incorporating multi-modality cardiovascular imaging in the decision making process(echocardiography, nuclear myocardial perfusion stress testing and exercise tress testing, coronary CTA and calcium scoring as well as cardiac MRI). The WCHI is built on the concepts of patient centered and evidence based approach where disease prevention is in the forefront of our care through teaching and appropriate screening methods.

9/2018 - Present Professor/Clinical and Medical Director, Nuclear Cardiology UT Health, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
9/2017 - Present Medical Director UT Medicine Cardiology, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
7/2016 - Present Director, Nuclear Cardiology Training Program UTHSCSA, Medicine, Division of Cardiology, San Antonio, TX
12/2011 - Present Non- invasive cardiologist University Hospital System, San Antonio, TX
12/2011 - Present Non-invasive cardiologist Christus Santa Rosa Hospital - Medical Center, San Antonio, TX