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Katre, Rashmi S

School of Medicine

I am a board certified radiologist who received highest level of specialty training in four fellowships in radiology. I am currently working as a clinical assistant professor in Emergency, Cardiothoracic and Breast imaging sections at The University of Texas Health San Antonio and University Hospital in the Department of Radiology. I am specialized and considered expert in reading cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which includes evaluation of complex congenital heart diseases, viability scanning for pre-operative assessment of cardiac bypass surgery, valvular heart diseases as well as cardiac computed tomography (CCT) evaluation for coronary arteries, preoperative planning for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure, left atrial appendage closure and pulmonary venous ablation. I also perform interpretations of chest radiographs and computed tomography exams for cancer patients and high resolution CT imaging of the interstitial lung diseases. I have more than 10 years of MRI experience in interpreting the studies as well as setting up the protocols. I am also specialized in breast imaging and breast interventional procedures. I am proficient in performing ultrasound and stereotactic guided breast biopsies. I read breast MRI, screening and diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasound. A very few radiologists have completed fellowship caliber training that is dedicated to cardiac and breast MRI as well as breast interventional procedures. I am a senior member of Society of Thoracic Radiology (STR) and a member of Radiology Society of North America (RSNA). I have published several articles in peer reviewed journals and book chapters. I have presented abstracts at international conferences and won many prestigious awards.

1/2013 - Present Assistant Professor/Clinical UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, Radiology, San Antonio, TX