UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Kang, Wendy Bay

School of Medicine
(210) 567-4500

I enjoy the pursuit of excellence in whatever activity I attempt: becoming a better physician, educator, and hopefully a wiser human being. Patient care is very important; the patient-physician relationship is a privilege which I respect. I believe the training of future physicians should encompass a lifelong passion for scholarship of Medicine and the impact of Law, acquiring wisdom and experiences to better ourselves to serve our patients.

Due to my concerns about pain and desiring to alleviate patients' sufferings, I started in 2002 the Regional Anesthesia peripheral nerve block rotation for the UTHSCSA Anesthesiology residents to promote increased knowledge, skills and proficiency in placing nerve blocks for surgical and postoperative anesthesia and analgesia. I believe I have changed the cultural milieu at University Hospital in that surgeons routinely request nerve blocks, both peripherally and centrally, to help reduce patients' pains and to help increase the volume of surgeries. The recovery room has been decompressed due to patients being able to return to the outpatient setting or their ward immediately after surgeries, thereby saving them money and allowing them to return to their desired state of recovery as soon as possible.

I have also championed the use of epidural and spinal anesthesia, having been one of the original two faculty since 2002 to advance the use of central neuraxial blocks for laparotomies. Along with Dr. Lynda Wells, we advanced the Acute Pain Service at University Hospital to help patients with post-surgical and non-surgical pain issues.

I continue my quest to advance boundaries of patient safety and increased comfort by promoting the use of regional anesthetic techniques.

9/2007 - Present Professor UTHSCSA, Anesthesiology, San Antonio, TX
3/2002 - Present Attending Physician Audie L. Murphy Veterans Administration Hospital, San Antonio, TX
1/2002 - Present Attending Physician University Hospital, San Antonio, TX