UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Oliveros, Rene A

School of Medicine
(210) 617-5100

I am an invasive cardiologist by training, but following my retirement after 25 years in private practice, I took hypertension as a subspecialty. I am well aware of the steady growth of hypertension in our country currently exceeding 75 million of hypertensive Americans. On top of that the control of hypertension judged by JNC 7 standards is not good in spite of recent progress depicted by NHANES. I am passionate about the control of hypertension in order to reduce the incidence of strokes, myocardial infarcts and specially congestive heart failure. Because of that I joined the American Society of Hypertension more than a decade ago and currently I am a fellow of that institution where special emphasis is placed on hypertension control.
As part of my interest in hypertension I have organized an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor program first at the VA Hospital where that service was not available prior to my arrival. We have currently performed 212 patient studies and that service is so successful that we get 2 to 3 consults daily. I also participate in the interpretation of these studies at the MARC clinic under the UTHSCSA umbrella. I have lectured our cardiology fellows on different aspects of hypertension and have given a grand round presentation last year on : AMBULATORY BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING, IS IT READY FOR PRIMETIME? I have also lectured at the 35th Annual Family Practice review course in hypertension control. My passion for hypertension control have taken me to participate in Telemundo addiction to salt series where I lecture the lay public on the risk associated with excessive salt consumption.
I am proud for extending my interest in hypertension to our cardiology fellows and I have mentor several of them to produce 8 poster presentations at the Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition of the American Society of Hypertension on different hypertension topics. I am interested in getting our VA Hospital to be a regional hypertension center of excellence and I will continue to work to achieve that distinction.

11/2010 - Present Assistant Chief of Cardiology VA Hospital, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
7/2007 - Present Director of the CCU VA Hospital, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
6/2007 - Present Staff Cardiologist VA Hospital, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
6/2007 - Present Assistant Professor of Medicine and Attending Staff University of Texas Health Science Center, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
6/2007 - Present Director of CCU and Assistant Chief of Cardiology and Director Audie Murphy Hospital, Medicine, San Antonio, TX