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Palladino, Michael G.

School of Medicine
(210) 567-5130

Prior to joining the faculty at UTHSCSA, Dr. Palladino completed a two year surgical residency in foot and ankle surgery in 1981. Upon completion of his graduate medical education, he went into private practice in Connecticut. Involved in a motor vehicle accident in 1998, Dr. Palladino lost the surgical use of his dominant hand and retired from private practice in 2000. In 2001 he began a career in academic medicine where he served as the Associate Residency Director at the Yale/VA Podiatric Surgical Residency Program from 2001-2006. He then served as Director of Research at the North American Center for Limb Preservation from 2006-2008, dealing with clincal trials involving antibiotic therapy, medical devices and investigational drugs pertaining to diabetic foot wounds. With his diverse background of residency education, clinical research, and private practice experience, Dr. Palladino was recruited to head the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) in 2009.
It is important to note that podiatrists complete four years of an undergraduate education followed by four years of podiatry school. All but one of the podiatry schools in the USA are affiliated with an allopathic or DO medical school. The podiatry student`s basic science courses (years 1 and 2) are taken with their allopathic and DO colleagues. Following graduation from podiatry school, each student is required by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) to complete a three (3) year residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. As Program Director, Dr. Palladino is responsible for the education of nine residents including the development of the program curriculum; program rotations supporting the curriculum; mentoring the residents; monitoring the resident`s surgical logs making sure that they meet the minimal accepted volume as required by CPME; evaluation of the residents, making sure that they achieve the equivalent of the milestones relevant to their level of training, in order to graduate to the next level; direct involvement with the Graduate Medical Education Department insuring that the program is in compliance with university policy; monitoring faculty and adjunct faculty as they relate to the education and well-being of the residents; completing all of the necessary documentation on a yearly basis so as to keep the program in good standing and to maintain it`s accreditation by CPME; instituting and chairing the podiatry division`s Program Evaluation Committee (PEC); organizing the division`s Clinical Competence Committee (CCC).

Dr. Palladino served as Chief of Podiatry from 2013-2017.

Dr. Palladino is the holder of the Louis T. Bogy, DPM Professorship in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery.
He is also a member of the Wellness/Resident Affairs Subcommittee; the Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Subcommittee; the Education Subcommittee and the Graduate Medical Education Subcommittee.
Based on the above description Dr. Palladino prides himself on a strong conviction to teaching and service to the UTHSCSA.

6/2014 - Present Chief of Podiatry and Chief of Podiatry UTHSCSA, Orthopaedics, San Antonio, TX
6/2009 - Present Assistant Professor and Director, Podiatry Residency Program The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Orthopaedics, San Antonio, TX