UTHSCSA Faculty Profiles v1.0

Takkar, Chandan

School of Medicine

The focus of first five years of my career as an academic nephrologist was to grow as a clinician-educator and strive to make a difference in both, patient care, and bedside teaching-not only for the future physicians but also for patients. I am passionate about patient education and empowerment and to this note; I have worked closely with the education department at the Texas Diabetes Institute (TDI) and developed a variety of patient educational tools, for educating our chronic kidney disease as well as hemodialysis patients. Due to my collaborative efforts with the education department, we have been offering twice a month renal cooking classes at the TDI, since 2016. This collaboration also helped us mobilize resources to staff the TDI renal clinics with a dedicated renal dietician, whose availability during the clinic sessions is an invaluable resource.
While I enjoy taking care of patients with all and any renal, acid- base, electrolyte or volume disorders; I have found it my calling to improve the care provision for our highly morbid Chronic Kidney Disease and End stage renal disease patients receiving hemodialysis. To accomplish my goal in this regard, I successfully participated in `Improvement of Hepatitis B vaccination rates in patients with CKD?, at the TDI. Additionally, I designed, led and successfully completed the herculean project, `Improving Inter-Dialytic Weight Gain in hemodialysis patients?. Additionally, I led the initiative to improve utilization of advanced care planning in this population as well. Currently, I am working with University Transplant Center to improve our processes, and improve pre-emptive transplant referral rates from the TDI Clinic. I regularly supervise and mentor the designing and implementation of many ongoing quality improvement initiatives in our hemodialysis clinics, to include optimizing access outcomes, anemia management, improving phosphorus control in hemodialysis patients, etc.
During my work as a busy clinician, I regularly participated in divisional, institutional and extra mural scholarly endeavors.
During this time, I also served as Medical director for Renal Clinics (2012-2012, UTMB, Galveston) and for University Dialysis South (2014-2019). These opportunities to serve as medical director provided me the initial exposure to administrative and leadership skills and also served as an excellent opportunity to apply my knowledge in quality and process improvement.
For the last two years, my career has taken a new turn, towards administrative duties. In Jan 2018, I was appointed as the `Director of dialysis services?, wherein I would oversee the functionality, quality metrics and management of all four outpatient adult hemodialysis units, the peritoneal dialysis program as well as the inpatient dialysis program, affiliated with university health systems. In July 2018, I was promoted to `Director of Clinical Operations? for the division of Nephrology, this job encompassing management and oversight all clinical sites served by the division of Nephrology. In April 2019, I was appointed as the `Clinical Chief? for the division of Nephrology- and my role expanded to include management of revenue, personnel, strategic planning for future growth, in addition to prior duties as the director of clinical operations.
I am a diligent, motivated and highly malleable individual, who believes in continual learning and self-reflection as means of growth. I pride myself for my ability to deeply empathize and build deep and lasting relationships with people, which allows me to work very closely with my team. My leadership principles are to do the right thing and to be courageous. I believe in being at the battle front and leading by example.
At this point in my career, I am ready for new challenges, new opportunities for learning and growing.

9/2019 - Present Associate Professor UTHSCSA, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
4/2019 - Present Associate/ Clinical chief and Other UTHSCSA, Medicine, San Antonio, TX
1/2018 - Present Director of Dialysis Services UT Health Science Center, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, SAN ANTONIO, TX
7/2016 - Present Quality Improvement Champion UT Health Science Center, Medicine, SAN ANTONIO, TX
8/2013 - Present Medical Director, University Dialysis South UT Health Science Center, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, SAN ANTONIO, TX
8/2013 - Present Assistant Professor University of Texas Health Science Center, Medicine, San Antonio, TX